About Me

‘Per Aspra ad Astra – Hardship to the Stars’

I am a bioengineer, trained as a physicist. I have a profound interest in developing microfluidic tools and studying bio-mechanics, tissue-engineering, and infection biology. I dream of a world where medical diagnostics has advanced to the point that a complete health screening could be done rapidly, and non-invasively. I dream of a world where nobody dies due to a shortage of donated organs or failed implants.

In the past, I have worked on developing 3D-bioprinted Lung-on-Chip, studying Mycobacterium abscessus infection dynamics using timelapse microscopy (in McKinney Lab, EPFL), and developing several microfluidic tools for enabling point-of-care diagnostics (in Satapathi Lab, IIT Roorkee). I already have 2 related patent applications, have founded Lab-on-Chip systems research group in Department of Physics, IITR, and have co-founded a personalised nanofabrication startup ‘LabX Scientific’ where I worked on developing a ‘smart spin-coater’ with real-time film thickness control.

I am looking forward to working with motivated people in the field of microfluidics, 3D bioprinting, tissue-engineering and implantable electronics.